Does astrological effects of planets affect on human life? Can the effect of the salinity of planets on human life be reduced by astrological remedies ?

The effects of planets fall on all creatures of the world. In addition to India, well educated people also consider this thing in foreign countries.

Those who believe that the effects of planets are not on earth, the biggest evidence is that the heat from the sun only produces fruit on crops and trees.
The effect of the moon is that the herb is vigorous.

Moon is the owner of the water element. Water covers 75% in Human Body. It effect on human body.

Due to being close to the Moon’s
The arrival of tidal breezes in the sea increases, the water of the ocean raises itself as much. Because according to astrology, the moon is also considered to be the factor of water. The rise of water is the attraction of the moon itself.

There are so many ways to give information about the future, but astrology, palmistry and numerology are the main ones. The development of numerology astrology happened in the West, while knowledge related to astrology and palmistry is also available in Vedic literature.

Astrology is considered to be the eye in the scriptures. At the time when a person is born in the day and place, the horoscope is formed with the help of the Panchag, on the basis of the passage of the planets and the positions of the planets. This is the basis of birth chart horoscope.

‘Lal Kitab’ is also the influence of astrology, the Shalli texts (Arun Code). Mahabali Ravana received this knowledge from Sun-charioteer Arun.

According to ‘Lal Kitab’ what remains to be, it remains by itself. But the remedies of the red book do work like ‘umbrella in rainy season’ and do not let much harm during the crisis, as it does not have to do the same.

Pralabadh (destiny) and the word of the word ‘manush’ are different, whereas they are used only for deeds. Pralabadh is the accumulated action of our previous birth, due to which we found this body and the deeds of our present day, we are doing whatever we are doing.

Many such good and bad events suddenly occur in the life of a man, circumstances do not make any sense to anyone. That happens only because of our past life karma.

Through the position of the planets in the horoscope, the good or bad events happening in the life of a person can be known to a great extent.
The effects of planets on top of the person can be reduced by means of astrological measures to a great extent, reducing the chances of life or coming in the sorrow, and happiness can be increased.

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